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 What do men look for when they are trying to find the coat that suits them the best? We know the answer to this so that you don't have to. All of the fashion designers that we have here working at the American outfit have put their heads together in order to find the answer to this question. So that you don't have to think too hard. The leather coats, the plaid trench coat, and the classic black trench coat that we have are outstanding stitching. The items used in the making of our attires are ones that will make sure that our apparel lasts a lifetime. You can pass them down from generation to generation in order to get the same fashion all through the family. The Yellowstone coats collection that we have includes numerous trench coats, men coats and shearling coats that will revamp your look to the next level. Yellowstone shows a more realistic edge to fashion. But if you are young at heart and are looking for fashion that will make you look unique in all walks of life, then you need to check out the resident evil coat. If solid colors are not your thing, then the checkered trench coat and cotton coats. 

Every Coat from the Movies

The way a man dresses guides people on how to treat him. If you want to be treated like royalty, you must learn to dress like it. But with the fast-paced life of today, men don't always have the time to make their attires look prim and proper always. For this purpose, we introduce the kings' man coat and the wheel of time coat. Both of these coats will make sure you never look like you are out of place. With hit movies coming out each day, the designers at the American outfit make sure they keep up to date with the latest fashion. The attires like the love hard coat and the red notice coat, along with them the harder they fall coat, all come with the promise of accentuating your vigor and adding a wordless charm to your outfit. The bmf coats and the matrix resurrection coats have always remained our best sellers. And, of course, no mention of a trench coat could ever be complete without mentioning the sherlock holmes coat. With our website under your wing, all fashion is possible in the nick of time. 

Every coat from the hero or the villain!

Being a hero and a villain in any story is something that is very subjective. It is subjective to your opinion on the back story of the character, so if you are into the joker coat, the suicide squad coat or any other long trench coats like the bane costume coat or the batman coat, you will find one and all under the fashionable umbrella of the American outfit. No matter what your age is, the stitching of the hawkeye coat and other wool coats and shearling leather coats from our coat collection will keep you feeling light and breezy. Explore our trench coat section for men today!