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Fashion Guide On Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad Look For Halloween

Fashion Guide On Harley Quinn's Suicide Squad Look For Halloween

Do you want to get the insane look like Harley Quinn this Halloween? In Suicide Squad, the DC comic shows some incredible characters. Harley Quinn is one of them. When we talk about Harley, we know that Harley Quinn is the most well-known character in the film Suicide Squad”. Her joker appearance draws in many fans with her sizzling and hot search in the underlying trailer. Margot Robbie shows up on TV in the enlivened series of the ’90s. After her notoriety, she appeared in games and comics on the big screen. Margot is a famous actress. We can see her in many other Australian blockbuster motion pictures, like the Legends of Tarzan and the Wolf of Wall Street. Youngsters are enlivened by her beautiful person and like to spruce up like her in comic ensembles. She is the one who gave her fans the stylish and bold look that is also creepy. 

If we talk about her personality, we know that she is bold, independent, stylish, and aggressive. With that, she has incredible taste in outfits. Her oomph, extraordinary, and minimal sparkly outfits are answerable for her appearance. For Halloween, many young ladies prefer their outfits to cosplay. Because her personality is easy to adopt and is admirable, besides being fixated on Joker, Harley additionally invests her energy making disarray around Gotham City as well as in Arkham Asylum. Likewise, her appearances in Suicide Squad and her experience in the comics have propelled various individuals also. Numerous young ladies cosplay Harley to intrigue individuals, too; be that as it may, assuming you are one of the large numbers of lifelong lovers of Harley, who love to cosplay as the Crime Princess Of Gotham, then what do you want to do is to style it. But here in this guide, we are giving you will find Margot Robbie’s Costume ideas for Suicide Squad. That is how she styled for the most mesmerizing costume. We made it easy for you to get simply the same appearance as her this Halloween.

The Alluring Cropped Jacket

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It starts with the most fascinating and needed thing from her costume. To create the best look for Harley Quinn, you need the red and black leather jacket of Harley Quinn. You first need the Harley Quinn Live Fast Die Clown Red Jacket. It is a great jacket that is made up of pure leather. Moreover, this jacket is in a double shade of red and black. The elegant part of this jacket is that this jacket is in cropped size, which suits Harley’s personality. It would be best if you had this attire to create her sleek look. It is super easy to create this look. So, first of all, get your hands on this classy leather jacket. This is an essential thing in the costume. 

The Two-Shaded Vest

If you are thinking about what you want after a leather jacket, then don’t worry. We are here to tell you. For the upper, you need the leather vest. Yes! When we see this style of Harley. We saw her wearing two shaded jackets and underneath the double-shaded vest in the cropped style. That gives an appearance to her. so you need to get this leather vest in double shade. The Black and red color vest will look alluring. It is an item that is an ideal choice to get as it looks like Harley Quinn. So get your hands on this apparel in any Harley Quinn Costumes for sale.

Two Shaded Leather Leggings

For the upper, you are done with the two items, the leather vest and the leather cropped jackets. So bottoms, we must keep in mind that Harley Quinn gives some bold bottoms ideas to her fans. In this look, she wore black and red leather leggings, which were skinny. You recreate the same look as her. It would be best if you had black and red pants like her. If you have any thoughts like you can wear any leather leggings, then you are wrong because they won’t work. Because you need the specific leather leggings to create the same look as her for Halloween. So grab these bottoms now to get the bold look like her.

Dark Shaded Leather Gloves 

As you get the slightest idea of what to wear in the clothing. Now come to the accessories. You need to look like her, as we know that Harley loves to wear different funky accessories, and we have seen her wearing different sorts of gloves. It would be best if you had these sleek dark-shaded leather gloves. It would be a perfect idea to focus on the little details of her costume. If you want to look the same and get the authentic look, you must get these half-dark shaded gloves to add to this costume. No wonder! It is the needed piece of clothing to make your whole costume more realistic. 

Dark-Shaded Knee-Length Boots

We know that Harley’s costume is also famous for sleek footwear. In every outfit, we have seen Harley wearing a unique style of footwear that grabs the individual’s attention. So in this look, the thing you need the most is the footwear. You must get your fingertips on the black leather knee-length boots to cosplay this look. We think black knee-length boots will look amazing when you wear them with this outfit. If you see this look with focus, you will get to know why we are suggesting you these black boots. It is an item that you can find easily. So to get Harley’s look this Halloween, get your hands on the black leather boots. 

Dark Shaded Holster And Gun

As we know that when we are cosplaying Harley’s costume, we need to keep in our mind that we need a weapon with her almost every look. With this costume, we need a gun of enormous size, which is shown in the pictures too. And it would be best if you had a dark-shaded holster. The holster is the gun holder. So if you want to make your costume look more realistic, then go for this too. 

Black Leather Belt 

After the weapon she carries with this costume, you need a leather belt. Get your fingertips on the black leather belt to make this look more happening. It is a piece that can add sleekness to your body and make it look alluring. Get the same black leather belt to get the same look as Harley. Wear this black leather belt over the pants to add an appealing look. 

A Red Choker

Are you thinking about what you need in jewelry to cosplay this costume? Then you need a red choker to look super lavish in this costume. This look is incomplete without this choker. Harley wore this piece in this costume. So if you want the same look as her, this item is all you need. 

Black Nail Paint 

We have told you everything you need in the clothing, but the detailing in her costume is all you need. Because that little thing made this cosplay more attractive, you have to look the same as her, so get the black nail paint. Because we think it is all you need. Grab the darker shade of paint and apply it over your nail to complete your style. 

Wig In Blonde Color 

With all the things, Hairstyles count a lot in the cosplay of the costume. It is the justification for why you have to get the blond hair wig. Because we have seen that Harley Quinn has blonde hair, which makes her look more admirable, yeah, this is the thing that will help you to make the style more amazing. We think this piece you can quickly get from the costume shops. 

Makeup Look  

Last but not least, to look mesmerizing, you need a makeup look. To get an enchanting look, you put your makeup on. So for more boldness, it is time to add some makeovers to go for more chicness in the costume. Red eye shadow and red lip color are ideal for recreating this look. Please put on your lighter shade of foundation and put red eye shade over it with the combination of red lip color to look bold as Harley Quinn. And TaDa! You are ready to go! 

The Stunning End 

In the end, we know that Harley Quinn is one of the stunning characters from DC comics. She is the one that attracts many people out there, so if you want to dress like her this year at Halloween. You are free to do it because this is going to be fun. All you need to get the exact look is to get the same piece of clothing as her. Rock this Halloween with the bossy look of Harley Quinn!

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