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Spice Up your Halloween with The King of Fighters Iori Yagami Costume

Spice Up your Halloween with The King of Fighters Iori Yagami Costume

The King Of Fighters XIV is the 14th installment of this game that came out in 2016, and we can never get over it. This game gave us some amazing memories of our childhood and still being a part of our life while we have leisure time. SNK Corporation has never failed us in any way to bring us some amazing game series. This game not only brings us the pleasure of playing it but some amazing costume ideas that we get from this game.

Halloween is around the corner, and people have started shopping for Halloween to make it the memorable one. It is that time of the year when everyone is willing to be with family and friends and spend their time making several memories. Having the right costume for those events is equally important as having your family around you. It can be a little challenging for the ones who are extremely conscious about their clothing, and when it comes to Halloween, it can get a bit trickier. But once you’re at The American Outfits, these turmoils are wiped away by such amazing outfits. Our favorite game, The King Fighters XIV, has brought us this amazing concept of The King of Fighters Iori Yagami costume Coat which can be the perfect choice for this coming Halloween. 

Iori Yagami is the enemy of Kyo Kusanagi, the first leader of The Rivals Team and a deuteragonist of this game. He’s also known as the Flame of End because of his aggressive personality. He’s normally blunt, rude and not interested in making friends or enemies. He doesn’t have the element of empathy or love, but he’s not the antagonist either. In the fourteenth installment, he appeared in a The King of Fighters Iori Yagami costume which is a red trench coat that totally reflects his serious personality. 

Cosplaying the King of Fighters Iori Yagami Costume

Cosplaying the King of Fighters Iori Yagami Costume


Cosplaying is one of the best and fun thing to do. If you’re a cosplayer, this Video Game Iori Yagami coat is for you. If you’re not a cosplayer, this Video Game Iori Yagami coat is for you. Donning it, either way is a perfect choice because this coat has enough versatility and can get along with anyone. Well, for the cosplayers, this trench coat is the ultimate good news and layering it up this Halloween is one of the best decisions ever. And if you’re not a cosplayer, then still having it for Halloween is will be the best decision because these coats might stand you of the crowd while everyone wearing scary outfits; you’ll be wearing some distinctive outfit that will display both arrogant and serious looks with aggression that is all required to scare someone. 

Add an inner layer of a Purple vest or a Tank Top 



Making it look real and exactly the same as Iori needs to begin with an inner layer of a purple vest or a tank top. Wear this purple inner layer to exhibit your sturdy physique. This inner layer is perfect for throwing the killing vibes while cosplaying your outfit. Well, if you don’t have the purple vest and you dont want to invest in it, a plain black vest or any vest with a vibrant hue can work well too. 

Layer it up with a white Shirt with a Rings Pattern



Iori Yagami wore a white buttoned-down shirt over the vest and left the buttons open. This shirt is the perfect inner layer for the trench coat, plus leaving it open and showing your physique a little bit can emanate the looks perfectly. If you buy a ring patterns shirt, it’s the best thing ever, but if you don’t want to buy it, then dig through your old hats and find out one that goes perfectly with this. Anny pattern shirt will work perfectly fine as it won’t show up too much but only sneak out the coat. 

Black belted pants are the perfect bottom to pair up



This trench coat has to be paired up with black belted pants. If you’re not willing to spend money on it, try some DIY crafts to create these pants using your old pair of black pants. Wearing black pants with this Iori Yagami Cosplay Red Costume coat can also work on days other than Halloween, so you don’t have to worry about your investment in it. 

Big buckled belt to give a nerd touch 



The belt is an essential part of giving an enthralling look. The bottom is highlighted when you have a belt on. Get yourself a belt with a big buckle with rounded corners to add sophistication to your wardrobe, and also get a look like Iory Yagami.

Accessorize with double pendants 


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Do not forget to accessorize your outfit. Wear a pendant with double lockets of a circle and triangular shape. This addition will light up your whole look, and you can even wear it on other days of the year. So investing in this will never be wasted. Add this piece of sequin to spruce up your personality as well as your Halloween outfit. This whole outfit will not let you regret it. So get your hands on it and turn everyone’s heads. 

Adding a burgundy wig to get the real Iori look



If you intend to create a cosplayer look of Iory Yagami, then you must have to add a burgundy wig to get his look. Or simply get your old wig and dye it with the hair color and get a haircut done. 

Chelsea Boots helps to revamp your style



Wearing a pair of shoes or boots lets you finish the costume, and with this Iori Yagami outfit, you need to add a pair of white Chelsea boots to get the exact same look. These boots will not only work for cosplaying this costume but also on days other than this. Wearing these same boots with this trench coat can actually work well, even if you do not wish to cosplay. So you don’t have to worry about the investment in this costume, as every addition to this costume can act diverse and can be useful in many ways. 


It’s the time of the year when you get hands-on with several costumes, but having this Iori Yagami Halloween Costume beforehand is the best decision ever. Wear it on days other than Halloween to look drop-dead gorgeous and keep yourself cushy at the same time. This trench coat will not let you go amiss, so hurry up and place your order soon. 

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